[EN PVP] FETTE BEUTE #3 - 24H AntiOfflineRaid | Clans | Max. 4 Player Teams

Welcome to our brand new Vanilla PVP Server

Raid-Protection, Max. 4 Player per Team, Active Moderators

Willkommen auf unserer Infoseite über den Vanilla PVP Server von Fette Beute. Dieser Server richtet sich speziell an PVP Anfänger und an Diejenigen, welche eine Familie zu ernähren haben und erst am Abend Zeit haben. Hier wirst du 24h mit einem Raidschutz belegt nachdem du offline gegangen bist. Der Server ist minimal modifiziert und soll möglichst nach am Original bleiben.  

  • Chatlanguage is English.
  • PM System to talk with other Players.
  • Anti Cheatsystem, Makro and Script detectionsystem.
  • Stable DDOS Protected Server.
  • As a Streamer, you'll protetected trought our Moderators against Streamsnipers. 

Raid Protection System

  • First 10 minutes offline Not Protected
  • Between 10 and 60 minutes offline 0% Damage
  • Between 1 and 6 hours offline 5% Damage
  • Between 6 and 12 hours offline 10% Damage
  • Between 12 and 24 hours offline 20% Damage
  • Between 24 and 48 hours offline 50% Damage
  • Above 48 hours offline Not Protected






The server owner and his team, reserve the right to kick or ban players in any case.

  • Bugs exploiting / cheating / exploits abusing in general, will be punished with a BAN. Don’t use any types of hacks or cheats. Don’t use third-party software to give yourself an competitive advantage over other players. 
  • Do not play on an alt account if you have previously been banned in another way.
  • Do not play with or associate with players violating our rules. Be careful who you choose to play with. Players will be punished as a group.
  • This is an English Server please speak English only in Main Chat.
  • No insults over the public chats / ingamevoice / Discord / Teamspeak
  • Advertising for other servers is forbidden and will be punished with a kick / ban.
  • Rules are subject to be changed or modified if necessary and will be announced.
  • This is a friendly server, don't be a dick to others.
  • No impersonating admin and/or other players (including clan tags).